43-18: The Moderator of the 42nd General Assembly recommends that the 43rd General Assembly approve the 2023-2024 Chairman for the BRI Board of Directors and the slate of nominees to fill vacancies on the Permanent Nominating Committee.

1. Appointment: 2023-2024 Nominating Committee Chairman
TE Rob Sparr (Presbytery of the Alleghenies)

2. Nominations: Nominating Committee
TE Bob Vincent, Presbytery of the Gulf South. Class of 2026
RE Kelli Marks, Presbytery of the Rivers and Lakes. Class of 2026
TE SJ Winter, Presbytery of the Midwest. Class of 2026
RE Mike Goolsby, Presbytery of the Great Plains. Class of 2026
TE Juan Rivera, Presbytery of Florida and the Caribbean. Class of 2026

3. Nomination: 2023-2024 BRI Board of Directors Chairman
RE Michael Busch, Presbytery of the Alleghenies. Class of 2026