First Presbyterian Church
Bakersfield, California


Church Description:
First Presbyterian is located in downtown Bakersfield, which is often described as the biggest small town in California. It is a community that has ample opportunities for children and families – from recreation to education, sports to the arts – both locally and/or within a two-hour drive.

First Pres is filled with wonderful, talented people who are discovering what it looks like to be a fully devoted disciple of Jesus. First Pres believes every member is a minister. This is why their mission is to "invite people into meaningful life through knowing Christ, loving one another, and blessing the world." First Pres is a positive and collaborative environment. This staff loves to laugh!

Position Description:
This is an incredible opportunity for a worship leader with a passion to grow a worship team and influence the worship culture. The Director of Worship Arts at First Pres Bakersfield will lead strategic shifts where the contemporary and traditional services will have a cohesive feeling while honoring the two different expressions of worship.

The Director of Worship Arts will serve as the primary staff person responsible for steering the direction of worship at First Pres. They will oversee band and choir members, organist for the first service, and give oversight to the production team as well.

While the two Sunday morning services have their own musical expressions, the Director of Worship Arts will have hands-on influence in implementing creative cohesion between the two.


(at General Assembly):
Jeff Chandler

(after General Assembly):
Jeff Chandler
1705 17th St., Bakersfield CA 93301
(661) 325-9419